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New Roulette Players

If you are new to Roulette the first thing you should do before stating to play is walk into a casino and find yourself a roulette that you can watch for a while. This is the single best thing that a rookie roulette player can do to quickly get a grasp of the game so that when they finally do sit down to start playing they are not holding up the game by having to ask everyone what they should, or should not do every time there turn comes around. When you walk into a casino to watch a roulette game you will no doubt feel compelled to head towards the roulette table where the largest number of people have gathered, so I feel I should make a note about this. Because Roulette is such an exciting game, large numbers of people routinely gather around roulette tables to catch the thrill and adventure of watching such a dynamic and high intensity game. But in almost any casino there will be certain tables that attract abnormally high numbers of people. This is usually due to the fact that certain high rolling players that like to bet huge amounts of money are very exciting to watch and therefore attract a huge number of people around the table. You will instinctively be drawn to these tables because of the perceived action and excitement. But as a new player, looking to get familiar with roulette, you should avoid heading to these tables, although there is no shortage of action at these tables and you will, no doubt, have a good time. But what you won't get is an easy to understand and deconstruct exhibition of how to play roulette and how to play well. The thing is that the high rolling players that end up attracting these huge crowds often end up getting caught up in the attention of their audience rather than trying to play a serious roulette game. Often their play changes from being primarily concerned about winning to being primarily concerned about bravado, performance, and praise. These players are people who couldn't care less about how much they win and normally don't care about how much they lose as long as they can maximize the attention of others for a huge ego boost.

These players will not teach you anything about how to play roulette. For the newbie player that wants to gain as much insight as they can into how to play the game and the etiquette involved, you should locate a roulette table in the casino where a small number of people have gathered. The perfect number of players is around 4 to 6, or a full table and from 2 to 3 people standing around watching the game.

For the new player this group of people at a table is the perfect little roulette community to join so you can learn the maximum amount it in the shortest period of time. The players at the table give you the chance to see a variety of different players playing at the same time, and will also give you the opportunity to see how several players play together and how they feed off one another. A really helpful little game that new players can play while watching a game, is to try and rate the players at the table form best to worst. Now this is anything from the easiest task. It may take several hours, or in fact, an entire day, and then when you think you've got the list down perfect, the game may change and your list will seem totally wrong. The truth is that this is almost an impossible list to construct, especially for a new player. But what it will do is focus you on the game and on the individual moves and bets that each player makes. You will quickly become astutely aware of the different playing styles at the roulette table, and how each is in it's own way different. You may, in fact, choose to utilize one of these very playing styles for yourself later on. Or you may even wish to combine several of the styles together, or, after seeing what these playing styles has to offer, you may decide to invent a whole new style of your own.

It's clear that the benefits of this little rundown game can be great, and if you enjoy it you should not think twice about actually bringing a note pad and pen into the game. This will allow you to make notes on how the game goes and make notes on important bets and bet combinations, so you won't forget them later.

The other good thing about playing with a small number of other observers at the table is that you have the opportunity to talk and discuss how the game is going with others. You should never underestimate how much there is to learn from someone else's point of view of the game and opinions on how the game of roulette is played over all. Feel free to discuss potently how each player is doing, and don't be shy about criticizing players when you think they are doing a bad job. And intern let them criticize you. This kind of open free flowing dialogue during a game is exactly the best environment for a new player to learn fast, and learn well.

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